Hi, I am Elizabeth Messina

My Story

I always thought I wanted to be a wedding or event planner not a photographer. I hated getting my photo taken as a kid. I grew up attending my fair share of weddings coming from a large Italian/ Irish family.

I got into photography in high school when I joined the school paper as a requirement to be on staff was to take photos at school events. Come to the end of my sophomore year my mom had me take my sisters senior photos, apparently they weren't too horrendous her friends even asked and I said I can do my best. Then families started to reach out and its grown from there.

I graduated and went to college on a partial photography scholarship. It was my junior year of college when I started to take on weddings. The first wedding I ever photographed was on April Fools Day. The couple had convinced their friends and family they were attending an engagement party, in reality they were attending the wedding!

My love for weddings is always there, but the families that become friends that I meet at weddings are truly what make the days memorable. Getting to be a wedding photographer is honor, getting to be a lifetime photographer is what I hope to achieve. I don't want you just for your wedding but for when you have kids, buy that house, send out Christmas cards, get a pet, or your parents or in laws have been begging for updated family photos, I am here not only for a good time but a long time.

Who is Elizabeth?

The most asked question is do you do this full time? No I do not do photography full time. I work a full time gig at Cerner (Oracle) as a technical writer (basically I write instruction manuals for software)- I know a long way from photography. I got my business degree from William Jewell College.

If I am not shooting a wedding or an event you can catch me hanging out with my best friends and all their dogs and now BABIES!!

I enjoy watching football on Sundays and do my best to schedule around the games!

What do I do for fun? Simple as chasing sunsets with my sister(built assistant), watching Hallmark movies, exploring coffee shops and breweries, planning and going on trips to California and most upcoming adventure is a bucket list trip to Boston and Vermont to see the leaves change!

Fun Facts:

I am a gemini and 4 w 8

I am named after my grandmother

I wear the same shoe size as Michael Jordan

I attended Catholic School for 9 years and now my sister is a teacher at the school

One of my favorite neighborhoods in KC is Brookside

Afraid of heights (but not of flying) and open water(no visible land)

I have been to Gulf Shores area 13 times (we used to caravan down with 50 people)

One of my favorite places in the world is Catalina Island

Bucket List places to travel include: Ireland, Switzerland, Greece, Italy, Amsterdam, Michigan, Lake Tahoe, Cape Cod and The Redwoods.

Bucket List items: Get a Bernese Mountain Dog, New York at Christmas, Christmas Markets around the world, cooking classes in other countries, ATV-ing in Hawaii, to see the northerner lights, own a condo or home on Catalina, go on at least one vacation with my friend group every year for the rest of my life, retire and work as a sommelier somewhere. (there are others I just can't think of anymore)